Our Mission

We provide excellent health care services to all within reach of our ministries in Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania.  To sustain our works, we equip and empower African health care workers, especially through medical scholarships and investments in our hospitals.  Finally, we instill a heart for medical missions amongst all, and we do all things to glorify Jesus Christ.

Our mission can be summed up in five tenets:

Healing: we strive to provide excellent health care.
Dignity: We make healthcare accessible to all regardless of tribe, status, or religion, and honor the dignity of each patient.
Empowering: We train African health care workers for a lifetime of Christian service.
Equipping: We help provide the equipment and resources necessary for our African partners to be successful in their works.
Witness: Everything we do, in word and in deed, will bring glory to Jesus Christ.

Tel: 501-268-9511

kevin @ ihcf.net

102 North Locust St, Searcy, AR


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