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IHCF (International Health Care Foundation) African Christian Hospitals is the supporting / facilitating organization for seven medical mission points in Africa. For several years we have been involved with five works in West Africa, including three projects in Nigeria, and two in Ghana. Very recently, we have become involved in East Africa with two partnerships in Tanzania, including our newest clinic, right on the Indian Ocean. See our IHCF brochure.

Medical Missions Conference

IHCF African Christian Hospitals also hosts a medical missions conference each January in Dallas. This is the largest and oldest medical missions conference in the Church of Christ fellowship. Many organizations, ministries, and individuals working around the globe attend to share ideas, information and fellowship.

Whether you have interest in short or long term medical missions or simply want to support the work we are doing at IHCF, we hope you find our website helpful and informative. Thank you for your interest in the work that the Lord has to do!

IHCF African Christian Hospitals is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization

A $750 Solution to a $10,000 Need

CerviScopeIn the medical mission field, one thing that has prevented wider detection of cervical cancer was the lack of colposcopes which cost about $10,000.

A team of doctors and engineers at Duke University received grant funding, including a large grant from investment bank Goldman Sachs. The idea was to come up with a much more affordable piece of equipment for the detection of cervical cancer. Thirteen years after the project first began, the finished product is now in production and is being placed around the world in not-for-profit and mission hospitals. It is called the CerviScope and sells for $750.

As a ministry, we have something of a specialty in women's health issues. We would like to purchase three of these CerviScopes for placement at our mission points in Africa.

If you are interested in helping with this project, use the button below and put your donation amount on the left of the resulting Paypal screen.

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